Foster Reflections: Okay, God

I trust everyone no one. If you've worked in the system, lived in the system, or survived the system long enough then you've learned one very important rule-trust no one. Unfortunately, the system is set up in such a way that it almost guarantees to make good on this fear sooner rather than later. No … Continue reading Foster Reflections: Okay, God


Fostering Reflection: When It’s Your Own That Leaves Home

Part of fostering is learning the art of letting go. From the first moment they walk through our door, we are holding our breath until they leave. So when our own children leave, you would think it would be easier to let them go because we've had so much practice. I'm here to tell you that it's not easier.

Foster Care Reflections: The Joy of Visits

They are why you are here. They are the reason you stick it out time and time again. They, not the system, are the reason you have been called.

Podcast Interview

It was great getting to speak with Sandra and connecting with others who have a passion for families! Click on the picture to listen!

Foster Care Reflections: Make Time To Grieve

"You knew it would happen. You knew this is what you signed up for. You basically asked for this".... Yes, yes I did, but that makes it no less painful (and just so we're clear, no one ever asks for emotional pain). There's something about emotional pain that no matter how hard you try, you … Continue reading Foster Care Reflections: Make Time To Grieve

Foster Care Reflections: What Do We Do With Depression?

Depression isn't just life altering, it's soul sucking. It begins with depleting you of joy, then of anger, then of even your sadness until all you are left with is deep, dark emptiness; you feel numb and formless inside.

Foster Care Reflections: Thank You, Birth Parents

I am learning with each new mom, each new child, and each new challenge. We grow together, we teach each other, and this is how we foster a better future.

Foster Care Reflections: Mom’s battle cry

When the days are longer and heavier than you planned, you lift your head and let grace run down your cheeks. When you find yourself running new races with familiar faces that make you doubt your ability to carry out God's mission, you bow your head and find strength in your weakness. There is a … Continue reading Foster Care Reflections: Mom’s battle cry

Foster Care Reflections: Let Our Actions Speak

Sometimes it seems the times are changing so fast...but then again, that's what they've always said. The only real question is, what will be your part in it? I see more and more divisions, finger pointing, name calling, fear stoking, and hate building happening. None of these are helpful and none of these will accomplish … Continue reading Foster Care Reflections: Let Our Actions Speak