New posting of my old blog

Monday, April 2, 2007 Unity Do you know those people, those complainers, those fault-finders? You know the ones...they don't like the songs we sing or the person who leads the singing either. They think the sermons are too long and the pews are ugly. Do you ever wonder how they got so unhappy or are … Continue reading New posting of my old blog


2 inspirations by Robert Frost

Maybe because I'm a writer, maybe it's just me, but I tend to look much deeper than the surface of things. These 2 poems by Robert Frost are especially inspirational and meaningful to me. I thought I would share them in hopes that you too can gleam something from them. Enjoy! Robert Francis - Fair … Continue reading 2 inspirations by Robert Frost

The struggle within

There are no words that reveal The confusion I feel. It's tearing and ripping, It's smothering and gripping. So close it consumes me, So far away it eludes me. No words to express This pain and distress. If only faith could be given or borrowed. If only hope could be sown in the sorrowed. Mind … Continue reading The struggle within

Yes, I sin

I admit that I sin. Yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I still sin. Sometimes I give into temptation, not because I have any desire to follow satan, but because in my busyness, I pay no attention to whose voice I'm listening to. I begin listening to the desires of my flesh instead of … Continue reading Yes, I sin