Voice of the Martyr

I just finished reading a book called Voice Of The Martyr. At first I was disturbed and moved by how Christians are being treated just for sharing their faith, something I take for granted every day. As I ly awake for yet another night my mind thinks on all those Christians and on those I know nothing about. I am not just inspired to help, I feel compelled, obligated to help. All these many Christians are risking even their very lives to spread the Word of God that I hold so dear. They are where I cannot be doing what I cannot do. I owe them not just my deepest gratitude, but my everything to keep the mission going. They are suffering more than I can even imagine and they are doing it joyfully. While I sometimes fail to be thankful for all I have, they are thankful that they are allowed to suffer for Christ. How ashamed I feel in comparing my life to theirs. They face imprisonment, torture, even death daily just to speak about Christ. Here I am in the free and privaledged country and what am I doing? Would I risk it just to speak about my love for Christ? I can do it now every minute of every day without any fear of persecution, so why don’t I? Why don’t all of us? We take for granted our freedom here. We have it and yet we don’t use it. We are wasting this great blessing and opportunity!
After reading that book, I’ve realized how much of a change needs to be made in my own life. If my brothers and sisters are dying to do what I have full freedom to do, then I should change. I’m going to start taking full advantage of my freedom here in America! I’m going to live my Christianity out in the open because I truely have nothing to fear. Basically, I’m going to get off my pampered Christian rear end and get busy! Not only am I going to do my part here at home I’m going to get involved with helping however I can my brothers ans sisters who are suffering elsewhere. We can be far, far more useful than we have been. We have so many resources available to us with which to work it’s a crime against our Lord and Savior to not be using them! We can all be the Christians God created us to be. I, for one, am ready. I am a disciple of Christ. I am a witness for Christ. I will put meaning to the phrase “living for Christ”. Whether here or there, Christ called me for a mission and I cannot turn away.


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