Why I trust Him

When I became a Christian there was no doubt that I loved God. I loved Him and wanted to please Him like a child loves their parents. It's all I wanted and all I could think about! I studied the Bible for hours each night and prayed all the time. Then last year things in … Continue reading Why I trust Him



Over the past year, God has been taking me on a journey of trust. I used to say sure I trust God because He's God, but over this past year, God has been teaching me what it really means to trust Him. I think every Christian when asked "Do you trust God?" would easily respond … Continue reading Trust

I’m angry

As a writer, I find it therapuetic to write about my feelings. I'm sitting here right now trying to find some constructive way to deal with my anger and outrage over my dad's latest stunt. I don't deal with anger well. I usually avoid it like the plague, but sometimes like now it's simply unavoidable. … Continue reading I’m angry

Anger to ELATION

So I got in the car to go to the doc & I put in my comfort music. I found myself suddenly crying. Not crying over the hurt & anger but crying because I realized how much God loves me & how I was actually angry with Him. I found myself telling God how sorry … Continue reading Anger to ELATION

What if I’m dying?

So I have had a large amount of time to think since being sick a lot so bear with all my revelations!As I was wondering and worrying about what my test results might reveal, of course I wandered down the path of "What if it's something really bad & I'm dying?" My first thought was … Continue reading What if I’m dying?

Lesson I’m learning

I have written before about lessons I have learned from my son AJ. It's surprising because he is our most "difficult" and needy child. Sometimes the mental stress of handling his meltdowns is over-whelming!As I sat here tonite preparing for another difficult day tomorrow of trying to convince him to go to school, I pulled … Continue reading Lesson I’m learning

Letting it all out

Do you ever get to that point where you have so many troubles & worries built up inside that you're afraid to let them out? You're afraid that if you told someone, you would overload them or worse, they might tell you just to suck it up & it's not that bad. I get that … Continue reading Letting it all out

Creation of a child

I wrote this poem for my children to explain how I know that they are beautiful & special no matter what the world may say. I thought all of you parents out there might like it too!Creation of a ChildWhy are you special?This is what I know,One time, before all the angels,God gave quite a … Continue reading Creation of a child