Foster Care Reflections: Thank You, Birth Parents

I have been so blessed with such a wonderful birth family. I always love my families, but I have learned so much from this mom right from the beginning. Peace has been a constant companion and we all know what a rare and wonderful gift it is.

Right before we got our new kiddos I was feeling bitter. That had left me closed off and unteachable. I remember confessing to God that I was unteachable and I needed to change. That’s when I met the new family which has now become a part of mine. Mom has exceeded all of my expectations and she has shown me what being teachable looks like. She is working through disappointment and heartache with a humble spirit. She has reminded me of what remaining malleable to God’s leading in the storm looks like. In everything, she has heard the call of God’s voice and we are now walking that journey together.

We often think that WE are the directors of this song and dance, but the families I love so dearly remind me over and over again that HE is the only ONE who engineers something so complex. I am learning with each new mom, each new child, and each new challenge. We grow together, we teach each other, and this is how we foster a better future.

I am so thankful for my birth families and the lessons they have taught me. I am so thankful for how they have opened my eyes to see the world as more beautiful and rich with color than I would have noticed on my own. I am so thankful that they taught me how to take chances and love in new ways. Most of all, I’m so thankful that they helped me be obedient to God far outside my comfort zone all the while being patient every time I failed.


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