Foster Care Reflections: Let Our Actions Speak

Sometimes it seems the times are changing so fast…but then again, that’s what they’ve always said. The only real question is, what will be your part in it? I see more and more divisions, finger pointing, name calling, fear stoking, and hate building happening. None of these are helpful and none of these will accomplish the good kind of change. I see less and less “loving thy neighbor”, “loving mercy”, loving “the least of these”, or any such notions that you hear talked about in quiet places. It’s as if they are fables that we tell our children to teach them good morals but never really expect them to go live out. So which are they? In my line of work, I have to ask that question because there are days when it is really, really hard. There are days when every minute is lived sacrificially for someone else. I have to know what I believe.

If the only action your god commands is wagging the finger, then you are worshipping the wrong god.

In order to usher in real change, there must be real sacrifice. We live sacrificially in order to bring the message to others. Think about the issues of the day that you are passionate about and ask what you have actually done about them (that does not include messages on social media or signing a petition). Have you ever offered to pay the prenatal expenses and adopt the child of a woman considering abortion? I have. Have you ever sat and talked with a homosexual person about love, grace, and forgiveness? I have. Have you ever cared for someone’s children while they were getting over addictions AND counseled them on parenting AND walked them through salvation? I have. AND I will gladly volunteer to do all of these things again and again and again. I am so passionate about these issues that I’m willing to spend my life living in pursuit of the people living them…just like Jesus.

Jesus came to save the lost. Jesus came for the sinners. Jesus came for people like me. Once you’ve tasted grace so deep, you can never let another person walk away without knowing. Those of us in foster care and adoption are doing what He did for us. Now we are asking you to join us. If you are passionate about children and families and changing the next generation, then prayerfully consider foster and adoption. Don’t do it because you think YOU can raise them right. Do it because HE can work through you to heal broken hearts and broken homes.


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